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In light of the approaching climate change conference viagra online, I thought you might be interested in this multimedia project.It’s produced by the Council on Foreign Relations, not a news organization; viagra online.; viagra online

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New York Times are doing One in 8 million; viagra online without prescription.Great stuff.

All that’s silly about tv-news storytelling in one story.

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Here’s the link to all the stories we uploaded to YouTube: you can comment all you’d like on each other’s work.

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Buy cialis online: we’ll watch at 8 the seminar room; buy cialis online.The webinar will include ten minutes each from three Poynter faculty members: Al Tompkins, Ellyn Angelotti and Roy Clark.Details here.

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A tiny levitra online, but interesting norwegian debate on Twitter today about cross media and business models.Stavanger aftenblad – a large regional newspaper in the Stavanger area – has decided to quit publishing film/game/music-reviews online.The management has not given a reason for this publicly levitra online, but it´s a way of trying to make the print edition more attractive and in a way persuade more people to buy the print.A journalist tweeted the decision this morning and now it¨s a real debate on Twitter; levitra online.A lot of readers are furious.You can follow the debate on #SAnett, #berekvam, #arilabra. 

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Jill Geisler, The Poynter Institute, talks about managing your boss.Think about these 20 questions!

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Talking about ethics as we did this morning at the summer school here is an interesting comment from a swedish editor about the article in Aftonbladet accusing israelic stealing of organs from palaestenean dead bodies.

When do you want provoke? And what are the potential consequences? It is the same discussions as came up with the pulishing of the cartoons in Jyllands-Posten, writes Olof Kleberg; online viagra.” Online viagra: minimize harm”, as is written in the guiding principles from The Poynter Institute.


Talking about and working on cross media storytelling at the Poynter Summer School accessrx, here is an interesting article on Poynter Online discussing new possibilities for magazines online.

The Multimedia magazine FLYP shows some interesting ways to tell stories on the web.Read the discussion of how to engage the readers – and make money.

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The Knight Foundation Wednesday announced its 2010 Knight News Challenge, offering a total of $5 million grants for winning ideas for distribution of local content.Applications from around the world welcome.Read all about it here.